Russian artist Riverman, as a part of his 2021 released 11 track self-titled alternative rock album. A ‘Radiohead-like depressive song about feeling lost and sick,’ Traces – triggered into creation by Riverman’s listening of Either/Or by iconic singer-songwriter extraordinaire Elliott Smith, takes a moment to build the picture of what it feels like to attempt quitting the circumstances that are putting you down, and making you feel ill and without direction.

Sounding either of a record player or an old speaker, we open in a noisy/crackling space that quickly and evenly fills with a band ready to rock through the misguided anxiety pulling you through the lost forest of issues your mind is trapped in with wavy guitars, bouncing bass lines, and captivating drums. “With every road we take we’re far from home….can you show me where I belong?”

Taking inspiration from song-oriented bands like Oasis, Elliott Smith, The Verve and Coldplay, the drums pull us along the miserable road of our emotions through a powerful force of sound, and the song follows itself as far as it can before slowly breaking down at the end.

Traces is a colorful song, painted vividly by the mind of Riverman, leaving us all to wonder the many other ideas and sounds waiting to be made, stirring around in his mind, ready for our (and his) attention. With a voice and sound like what lies within Traces, Riverman holds the key to the future of alternative rock. 

Written by Yannick Mirko





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