Dreamwalker /// Moonstalker & Alycia Kae

Alycia Kae and Moonstalker have released their latest collaboration, “Dreamwalker”, which is a dark track inspired by the halfway mark between your dream state and what is reality. With the beautiful lyrics, evocative vocal performance and melodies, and alluring production, Alycia Kae and Moonstalker deliver a stunning track that is made for those moonlit nights.

The lyrics on this track are evocative. In general this track discusses the in-between point of the unconscious mind and what one perceives as reality. The first lyrics being “Is it real? Tell me why I feel so awake when I’m asleep” exemplifies the feelings of this track and is a perfect opener. Another example is during the bridge when “I come alive at night”; it shows that lyrics are incredibly imaginative and paints a beautiful picture of what it feels like to be in that type of purgatory. 

This track’s production is also immensely intriguing and dark. The production of this track takes influences from electronic pop, edm, and dream pop, and it also contains a euphoric drop in the chorus. The backbone of this track are the beautiful synth keys and ambient soundscapes which complements the vocals extremely well. The vocals are haunting but welcoming, and when they sing, you can feel the darkness and how hard it is to distinguish between reality and the dream state. It is phenomenal. 

“Dreamwalker” is a breath-taking release from Alycia Kae and Moonstalker. The song contains so many excellent layers to it that push it to the next level. With the astounding vocal performance, haunting production, and alluring lyrics, Alycia Kae and Moonstalker deliver an outstanding track. 

Written by Marcus Smith

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