Following the latest heartbreak anthem, “We Look So Good”, London-based artist, Arin, has released their latest track, “Obvious”, which is an enthralling electronic pop track detailing the difficulties of knowing how a relationship will go before it has even started. 

The lyrics on “Obvious” are evocative, loving, and playful. “Obvious” uses playful imagery and lyrics to navigate what modern romances are truly like. Lyrics like “It’s like i’m back from the future. You let me in just to let me down. Feeling dejavu, at least you’ll never have to” are stunning and high spirited yet tragic. It shows a fun duality. They perfectly exhibit the playful nature of the push and pull one might experience in this day and age while in a relationship.

The vocal performance and production are amazing and enticing as well. The production is backed by an ambient synth, powerful percussion, and a striking guitar. These elements create a beautiful soundscape and assists in portraying the feelings Arin wants to. It also works as a perfect foundation for Arin to showcase his prowess over the song while Arin effortlessly glides through the production. An extraordinary moment in this song is the last chorus. The last chorus is more intense and adds beautiful background vocals to enhance the feelings of the song. It is nothing short of beautiful.

“Obvious” is a superb electronic and dance pop track from Arin. It exhibits the difficulties of knowing how a relationship will go, and it delves deep into the joy and tragedies of a modern day relationship. With the fascinating production and vocal performance mixed with the beautiful lyrics, Arin extraordinarily demonstrates his talents.

Written by Marcus Smith






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