#DGGASPBXX /// Mishell Ivon

Mishell Ivon is back with her latest pop funky anthem, “#DGGASPBXX”, and she is in her best form. The lyrics are infectious, the production is commanding, and the vocal performance is nothing short of flawless. With this fresh take on a nostalgic sound, Ivon magnificently exhibits her commanding presence. 

The song grabs your attention within the first seconds by starting with the powerful bass drum, and never loses your attention for a second. The powerful production serves as a catchy intro. It sets up a perfect foundation for Mishell Ivon to come in with the catchy lyrics, powerhouse vocals, and beautiful harmonies. When most artists only focus on the chorus being catchy, the entirety of “#DGGASPBXX” is energetic and catchy and makes you feel like the whole song is a chorus. 

The lyrics on “#DGGASPBXX” are incredibly infectious. It makes you want to scream along. “I need you to turn it up” are lyrics that resound through the track. It is powerful, confident, and assertive. The lyrics are then backed by Ivon’s powerhouse vocal performance. Her vocals are commanding and dominating. She weaves through the playful production and harmonies effortlessly, and it is astounding.

The infectious lyrics and the commanding vocals are then backed by the retro funky production that makes you want to dance like nobody’s watching. The drums, bass, synth, etc are all evocative and nostalgic. It is bouncy and you can not help but bop your head along to the beat. It is a perfect playground for Ivon to masterfully exhibit her presence. 

“#DGGASPBXX” is an impeccable release from Mishell Ivon. There are a countless amount of elements that make this song superb but at the center of all of it is Mishell Ivon. Ivon exhibits her prowess over this track, and with the production creating a beautiful soundscape, her performance on this song is nothing less than extraordinary.

Written by Marcus Smith

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