The Great Divide /// Mattias Lies

The Great Divide is the second single from the upcoming album “Turning Points”, of Sweden-based singer-songwriter Mattias Lies, an artist and project full of power, transformation, and beautiful sounds.

“My days are growing into numbers…” In a life where Mattias  hollers from the ‘mountains of her dreams she’s trying to discover,’ The Great Divide, a song that starts out sounding very ballad-esque, somber, and detached from joy, turns it all around, giving us a danceable tune about relationships, low self-esteem, and “difficult behaviors”. 

“It’s said that we’re only able to see 10% of the person who stands in front of us, merely the tip of the iceberg,” says Mattias. “In a relationship, we may get to discover the other 90%, and sometimes this discovery feels like waking up from a dream”. 

From an 80’s pop ballad entrance into a modern tune fitting for a sunny car ride, a dance floor, and everywhere else we can use a moment to find a way to be more optimistic. Mattias brings us this cathartic message through clean, and emotional vocals, that soften near the end of the song as it falls into acoustic guitars plucking into each ear, as we come to our senses and realize everything can be different than it is now. He uses songwriting as a therapeutic tool in his life to make the world a little more understandable, and in doing so helps us understand ourselves and our lives more as well, a sign of a great artist. 

Thank you, Mattias, for opening the doors to our hearts and minds, and offering us the opportunity to make peace with our demons, as you once did. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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