Dancing In The Fire /// Martin Smith

Martin Smith resurrects the ghosts of 80’s synth pop legends such as the enumerable Depeche Mode, New Order, INXS, Pet Shop Boys etc. Martin Smith sings like a rain dance with voices and lyrics as though an inferno. The melodic poppy savviness of “Dancing in the Fire” is a perpetual crescendo whirling like a dervish. We are commanded limb by limb to move or comply to the opulence. Some would say they conjure the invisible breath of Bono and (U2) at their most electronic. One might wonder what comes next when after this mouthful. Part gospel, part 80’s esque synth pop:

Martin Smith is a group we haven’t been privileged to grow up with but are able to now. The echoing chorus and persistent drums brings to mind a spiritual awakening as music the cherished muse often does. There is soul and scripture in the voice of Martin Smith like the vibrating dances of the singers in the official video on YouTube.

It’s a natural ode to self expression like the “Praise You” song/video from the later 90’s era by Fatboy Slim which in many ways Martin Smith can be a testimony to both its unique vision and movements as “Dancing in the Fire” thrusts itself into new ground. Martin Smith’s upbeat dance-hop synth will cause a scene in the clubs and the sacred spaces of our homes.

When we collapse after a long day of whatever we’ve been doing we can seek the kingdom of “Dancing in the Fire” and relinquish the pulsating energies we may have lost. We see the past reconvene and reconstruct something akin to the stirrings of an echo of what might have been the catchy energies, to dance another day in the fires of some dancehall or somewhere in a moody lighted room. Martin Smith’s single Dancing in the Fire has the trajectory of a far flung planet orbiting the depths. Take a listen.

Written by Hari Palacio

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