Time To Heal /// The Fishes And I

Time To Heal, the first-ever single release of UK-based early 90’s guitar driven D.I.Y. rock band The Fishes And I, takes us through a beautifully put together track, that’s part of their mission to release one single every month until they run out of songs – a challenge  incredibly impressive to take on, and so far, being crushed.

“If you take the time to heal, then you’ll learn to love again…” A very full sound, colored by vibract electric guitar strums, commanding vocals, a full, epically clear drum kit, and the power of love. The band – made up of four friends – formed in 2014, though the sound and cohesiveness of the band’s energy seems like something out of a band that’s been playing together since the classic rock surge of the late 1970’s.

Though the sound is classic, the production is so fine tuned, you get to enjoy the cinematic storytelling lyrics all around your room, both through speakers, and in headphones. Not to mention the fact that the lyrics are the kind that could work in any decade, and build a space of hope and catharsis for anyone, no matter how it’s played. 

The bass line really carries a lot of the drama and grandiosity of the song within it’s shifts below the profound and perfectly belted lyrics, of two fictional characters that both struggle with mental health issues after marital breakdowns, a story not typically explored through popular music, though beautiful to experience through Time To Heal.

Written by Yannick Mirko






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