The Kid /// Fish and Scale

There’s elements of Iggy Pop, John Prine, and Daniel Johnston singing to what was left of the poets and artists inside of us all. A Jim Carroll or Patti Smith perhaps in the dusk of his days. Fish and Scale’s “The Kid” is an introspective jaunt of Rimbaud-ian, colors. Fish and Scale’s throaty, husky voice is like a wolf narrating his own persona.

The days cast a shadow- “In his daydream he was the captain in the scene/and there’s a wound deep inside of him and he’s howling at the moon.” There are reasons to breathe deeply and let out pronounced sighs, Fish and Scale will have you pensive of your inner workings and want to reach out to others in a more communal way.

Just like Prine’s music one thinks of the other world and considers the earth a river leading us there with its snake like bends and molted skin while listening to “The Kid.” “There’s a wolf deep inside of me/ and he wants to go home.”

We see Fish and Scale both primal, of this earth, and searching as we all do and that is the beauty “The Kid” portrays with its grandiose cellos and piano.

The way one wonders the beginnings of many things we are set to consider the hunger of our inner childhood, only revisited in memory and the lonesome songs- We visit Fish and Scale over and over again here at the blog and are moved.

Written by Hari Palacio

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