Long Way Down /// FOX VIOLET

Fox Violet, the Los Angeles artist has blended synthesizers and guitar to create a heavily influenced ‘90s style that soothes and inspires the listener. The vocals mixed with the melodies almost create a trance like effect that compliments the emotions of the lyrics. 

The singer speaks directly to another person in the first verse, and then repeats, “It’s a long way down”, on the chorus. The melancholy mood that the instrumentals create is crafted around this inspiring message, yet the consequences displayed by the narrator are dire. “The beacon of the rest of us”, she sings to conclude the second verse. The abstract lyrics and dreamlike melody truly captivate the listener, and are impressive examples of writing and producing. 

The drum beat accompanies the bass, keyboards, and guitar, without overpowering the vocals. This slow ballad is not complicated rhythmically, but rather the tempo adds to the effect of the keyboard and guitar melodies. Truly a well written and executed alternative synth rock song, one that improves with repeated listening. 

Fox Violet has more previously released material from 2021 on streaming services, such as their latest track “Torn”. Fans of “Long Way Down” should be excited to explore the rest of Fox Violet’s material. 

Written by Skylar Rogers





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