A Day in the Life /// The Parlophonics

“It’s like staring at the sun when I look straight into your eyes/ it’s getting hard to be somebody else now- The lyrics to “Staring at the Sun” sung in a dream like spell as with a “Day in the Life” and the entire album.

It’s as if we were traversing some material plane where the dreamy rock reminiscent of British indie rockers Oasis and Experimental Beatles enraputures us. Mystical guitars strum and pick across song after song in a moody pitch. We could picture a T-Rex in their days of summer which somewhat remind you when you keep listening to the album over and over really intently.

“I am standing on a higher ground and I don’t need anybody around/ I’m taking whatever I need and I don’t care where it’s going to lead.” This lyric from “Higher Ground” is a hip ode to rock n roll. What the album does is mark its teeth into the nebulous universe of alt/ rock and roll.

It’s both classic and new in its musical stylings. When we listen to Parlophonics we might get a whiff of a magical mantra sung ( via ballads and alt rock) into our psyche with a well of amazing guitar riffs thrown in for good measure.

Warning: this album may have you following the band around leaving you at the mercy of the muse for endless listening romps at home or at their next show.

Written by Hari Palacio





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