Stop This /// The Lunar Keys

“Stop This,” the latest single by UK-based indie rock band, The Lunar Keys, is a whirling frenzy of immersive, unrelenting sound. 

At first, this track enters with a dreamy, mellow sound that is coupled with lead singer JC’s swaying vocals, which lull the listener into a sense of calm. However, that is soon shattered by an energetic melody, which drives the chorus’ cries to “stop this” and “drop this.” Once the first round of chorus drops, there is not a dull moment to be found as the track emits an anxious energy throughout. 

After the second chorus, a spacey interlude punctuated by a sound reminiscent of classic sci-fi, laser zaps takes over. All in all, it taps the unlimited potential this track has to raise its own already lofty energy levels. “Stop This” rarely lets off the gas from start to finish.

On the heels of the aforementioned interlude, screeching riffs bring about a rare pause. In turn, a resolute JC vows to “fight all the monsters now.” Speaking of monsters, the official music video features JC trapped with a band of ghoulish passengers while at the wheel of a classic car.  

After a brief respite, a rambunctious melody jumps onto the scene, followed by trailed off vocals and a subdued melody at the finish. It’s a fitting wrap on what is largely a high energy track. With “Stop This,” The Lunar Keys have produced a restless jam which ramps up the intensity with each passing melody.

Written by Travis Boyer

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