Far West – made up entirely by Santa Cruz-based artist and writer Ryan Settles – has released yet another great hit, adding a synth-pop kaleidoscope of sounds to his repertoire through the latest wondrous release, the fine-tuned a to z.

Not afraid of shaking things up with a creatively accented drumline, we are demonstrated just how moody we can get while maintaining an upbeat vibe. Surrounded by reverbs, synths, and doubled vocals, Far West’s abilities to take from his inspirations of The 1975, Real Estate, Beach House and other indie-universe artists, and use the elements to make a song that’s “full of everything that we love”, come to the forefront of the stage in a way that would impress them all, and leave them asking for Far West’s ability to open for them on their next rounds of tours.

a to z also does a killer job at giving us enough of everything: space to breathe before a bangin’ final chorus, catchy melodies that stick in your head for days, and a loveable feeling of infinity, making us wish this song could live forever (and that we live forever dancing right alongside of it). The put-togetherness behind the sounds and scenes that build up Far West’s work, make it a complete surprise to know the artist only started releasing music during COVID times, and this is only the eighth release in as much time. 

From one end to the other, we’re shown the capabilities of a fresh new artist, hooking us onto his line, keeping us eager to see what’s next.

Written by Yannick Mirko






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