Eternal /// Fleeting Persuasion

We sometimes find the remnants of our nostalgic teenage years in a song jarring with crushing, slow progression like the passing of our lives. Fleeting Persuasion’s “Eternal” is the song that buries its head into the nook of our collarbones and reverberates like melodic guitar licks from a lost highway.

Fleeting Persuasion’s vocals are like a hush and somber pitch of alienation we can think of The Dismemberment Plan, Sunny Real estate, and The Get Up Kids if you’d like to get some sort of inkling of what they sound like- They have a sweet jagged tooth, a raspy-ness that alludes to a sublime force pacing restively deep within the underbelly of Fleeting Persuasion’s “Eternal.”

The clash of guitars and memorable drums are its own being and the band walks on sacred ground without missing a step. “Made the trip it’s never hard to find/ create the thrill and search another time/…I’m never sure of all of that,”

The tangle of euphoria comes rushing in as we deeply listen to “Eternal” it hits like a semi-truck once we finally get “it.” The crash is instant but the the trip is a slow heavy ride-

Where we become ensnared by the rhapsodic, swaggering of indie rock Fleeting Persuasion. “Eternal” is a track that has its elements of dark matter and the looming clouds persist: the lyrics are both perennial and visceral. We see the ache and the yearning for something different in the cry’s of “Eternal.”   

Written by Hari Palacio





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