Nothing out of Me /// Daisy Gill

What’s a listener got to do to rock out? The release of Daisy Gill’s latest track, “Nothing Out Of Me,” dropped on October 8, 2021. Let’s not hesitate now as we dive in to know more about how this singer-songwriter was able to rise to stardom.

In many ways, Daisy is not just a typical singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom, Liverpool specifically. She claimed in an interview with Meg Vincetta on Big Cando Radio that she has “never been in a relationship” before, and never really understood the meaning behind what a quote-on-quote “cheesy heartbreak” was, though she claims that she wrote songs better when she was younger because “it was honest.” According to, Daisy wrote her own songs at the age of eleven, and because of her somewhat eclectic taste in music, it took a very prominent role in her releases.

The British-born singer’s track represented her respected genres of pop and rock. In other ways, she was able to represent other genres in her skillset such as soul and contemporary R&B while she provides tracks that are able to represent the influence in those music genres. 

The melodies behind “Nothing Out Of Me” were not the only noteworthy aspect of the track. What also drew my attention while I listened to the track was how Daisy had a vocal tone that was stylish and appealing with an impressive pitch range as she puts a lot of meaning into the track. Lyrically, the song was meaningful and thought-provoking with phrases that are rather original. In an instrumental way, the song was able to provide a smooth feel that is able to back up the vocal track quite nicely. High throughout, the performance quality was amazing in a vocal and instrumental way. 

Overall, the track was tuneful and melodic, and I have no doubt that this track will make its way to the top of the charts one day.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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