Will You Stay /// Jethro Tait

It’s time for us to stay put! Jethro Tait’s “Will You Stay” had dropped earlier this month on October 1. Take off your shoes and stay awhile, we’re gonna stay where we are.

Born and raised in South Africa, Jethro started having a taste in music at the age of thirteen when he started playing the guitar (submithub). He isn’t just a typical singer-songwriter, though. According to an interview he did on the Expresso Show, Jethro shared that, as a solo artist, he feels free, though it was different, after having to have been in a band called FOUR as he is able to pursue the music that was wanting to do for a long time as well as doing music that really inspires him, which he claims that he’s “having a lot of fun” with it. According to submithub.com, he had a foundation in acoustic sounds, though he dabbled in electronic music as well. In late 2017, Jethro was able to release his first-ever solo offering to DJ and record producer duo, Pascal & Pearce, for their hit, “Running Wild.” Last year, however, he was able to release an EP called “I Don’t Sleep,” which received a SAMA nomination for “Best Pop Album” (submithub).

The South African-born singer’s track has definitely represented his respected genre of pop. On the other hand, he was also able to provide the influence behind other genres such as indie pop and commercial pop. 

The melodies are not the only noteworthy aspect behind “Will You Stay.” Jethro has a warm and expressive vocal tone as he expresses his feelings in the track. The lyrics are heartfelt and meaningful with expressive phrases like “Will you stay, stay with me?” and “I need you to hold me, hold me please.” Instrumentally, the track was able to provide a smooth and powerful atmosphere that is able to fit perfectly with the vocal track. The performance quality is through the roof in a vocal and instrumental setting. 

Overall, the track is clear and soulful, and I think this song will definitely go places one day to touch the hearts of others. 

Written by Sherryl Citera





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