Shark Tank (feat. Raekwon) /// Canyon

This Hip-Hop/Rap song features rapper Raekwon, known for his solo work as well as being a member of Wu-Tang Clan. The fact that Canyon got Raekwon on his first officially released song is impressive, and speaks to the musical talent and Hip-Hop networking that Canyon has done to put himself into the position to launch his music career. 

The production for the track was done by a producer named Skeyez. The melody features a synthesizer loop with vocal samples altered with effects, which sounds dreamy and mesmerizing. The drum beat is laid back, and flows well within the context of the song. 

Raekwon has the first verse, and his flow is as entertaining as ever. He discusses his upbringing, and how he would act when he was younger with his buddies. The verse concludes with Raekwon saying that, “About to be a new man with a new plan, getting my s*** together.” Rap legends like Raekwon can have an almost larger than life persona, and that is something that Canyon uses to introduce himself to the Hip-Hop world. The subject matter of the lyrics touch on the journey that Canyon had to take to lead him to this point of releasing his debut song, as well as discussing mental health. He compares his anxiety to the name of the song, a “Shark Tank.”

Canyon’s verse starts with a comparison of himself to New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. “I’m like Bill Belichick in the way that I plan my defense, meaning I don’t have a flow, I read whatever the beat is, could put another sweater on, never sweating my demons.” 

On the outro of the song, an old man’s voice is heard saying, “The trouble that mankind makes is that he thinks he’s Italian, he’s German, he’s Spanish, we’re all humans… on this beautiful paradise.” That ends the song with a positive sentiment about the world and all humans being worthy in this existence. 

Written by Skylar Rogers

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