AI is a group that sounds like it’s about to incite a digital-indie/ electric meltdown. The track “Vincent Dylan” is a long peering gaze into the penumbra of your cerebral cortex from a distant corner on a dance floor.

AI transforms the sounds of 80’s electronic and contemporary vintage electronica with the textured, thoughtful vocals, mechanized instruments galore that circumambulates the muses- Such groups as Devo, Gary Newman, and Blood Orange all resonate with the sound of AI’s “Vincent Dylan.”

“I never know why/ an empty house is goodbye/ you never feel the way we move/ the push and pull from the heart/….an answer to god cracking your skin.” “Vincent Dylan” accomplishes a curt, gravity which drives the music towards a pulpy, crescendo where we see AI a mastercraft worker of both prose and musicianship.

“You never hear the way we move/ …never feel the waves that crash,” we feel the sinews in the lyrics, “Vincent Dylan” has an always pending estranged lover in the periphery as though the looming ghost were there standing in the frame of the doorway. We start to think of our own ghosts and that is why art exists perhaps-

To ponder the uncertainties and questions of our everyday lives and while we are doing so we might as well be fashionable and listen to something that has a unique Electro-flair. Ruminating the nuances of AI’s sound how “Vincent Dylan” is an extraordinary feat of unparalleled musical work, there are certain bands that stay below the radar or left of center and have been regarded as gems such as Kraftwerk for instance. AI is a group to zero in on with a keen eye.

Written by Hari Palacio





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