Blue Moon Bird /// Joelle Charan

You might want to prepare for takeoff on this particular release. The release of Joelle Charan’s track, “Blue Moon Bird,” dropped earlier this month on October 1, 2021. Time to move those wings up and down, and ruffle those feathers because this will be a smooth and easy ride to take! 

Born and raised in the Netherlands’ capital of Amsterdam, Joelle is not just your typical artist. Upon becoming a graduate and an alumna from the Conservatory of Amsterdam, according to, the Netherlands native was able to pack her bags and move to New York, where she had studied at a school in Manhattan and was able to find inspiration in which she had returned back home to where she grew up and was able to provide a suitcase full of beautiful tracks that have been developed while being able to capture listeners with lyrics that are able to provide stories from her time in New York all the way up to her Indian grandparents as she was able to write tracks with a strong narrative behind it. In 2018, Joelle was able to release her EP, “Silhouette.” Her 2020 single that was released on August 24, “I Believe In You,” was able to show her return and a second EP has been released on her father’s birthday a month and a half later on October 12, 2020, titled “Ashira” (

“Blue Moon Bird” was able to represent Joelle’s respected music genre of pop. She was also able to bring on the influence of jazz, soul, and contemporary pop. 

The melodies were not the only noteworthy aspect of the track itself. What also drew my attention to “Blue Moon Bird” was how the intro was able to open with an atmosphere that was able to start off the song smoothly, kind of like a bird taking off in the sky after being released from a person’s hands to get us into the track’s overall mood. The melody was, in many ways, melodic and well-shaped. Joelle has a clear, soulful, warm, and rich vocal tone as she is able to put real feelings into the lyrics themselves. Instrumentally, the track was able to provide a smooth and compelling accompaniment that was able to complement the vocal track beautifully. The performance quality of the single, in many ways, is excellent throughout the vocal and instrumental arrangements. Overall, this track is tuneful and original, and I have no doubt that Joelle’s creative streaks are able to skyrocket in no time.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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