I Can Fly /// Jacqueline Loor

Ever want to strive in helping others realize that their self-worth is worth more than the entire universe? Want to be able to prove that self-worth can have a positive impact on life? Fly high into the sky while spreading your wings gracefully as you listen to Jacqueline Loor’s “I Can Fly”!

Originally from Miami and based in Tenerife, Jacqueline Loor is not just an artist. According to jacquelineloor.com, there are many sides to her that are bound to come out at once and that the world is better for it. While her music has themes of inner strength and self-discovery, she explains that being able to write music “has always been so cathartic for me, and I hope my music can help people find their own strength.” She also expects people “to feel something when they listen to my music” (jacquelineloor.com)

“I Can Fly” has been able to represent Jacqueline’s represented music genre of pop. On the other hand, she was also able to influence other genres such as commercial pop, contemporary pop, and indie folk.

The melodies behind “I Can Fly” were not the only noteworthy aspect of the track. What also drew my attention while listening to the track was the message behind the track itself and what the track is representing. The melody is melodic and tuneful. Jacqueline has a warm vocal tone and was able to put real feelings into the lyrics. The lyrics are meaningful and deep with some expressive phrases like “Nothing’s gonna stop me” and “I can fly on my own.” Instrumentally, the song is able to provide a rich and smooth accompaniment that was able to fit perfectly with the vocal track. Both vocally and instrumentally, the performance quality of how this song was beautifully performed was high throughout.

Overall, this track is inspiring and clever, and I think that it can definitely touch the lives of other women that are able to believe in self-worth and love themselves equally as this tune bops its way to the top of the charts one day.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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