Oliver /// Gal Musette

Indie-folk songstress Gal Musette’s single ‘Oliver’ is a song about unrequited love that is sure to tug at your heartstrings. What started as a love letter, later became this song. ‘Oliver’ is the fifth single from Musette’s new album “Backwards Lullaby.”

The song starts off with drums kicking in followed by a soft acoustic guitar instrumental that fits perfectly with Gal Musette’s dreamy voice. Musette’s lyricism shines through in this track, with colorful descriptions that perfectly encapsulate the emotions she’s trying to convey. According to Musette, “this song is about feeling alone in a crowd, feeling ignored by the one person you want attention from, and having the epiphany of what all these millions of love songs are about on this planet.” With lyrics like ‘Songs make sense like never before/They mingle with the constant flow in my chest,’ this sentiment certainly rings true for listeners.

The final chorus brings us a beautiful, angelic harmony with none other than Rufus Wainwright, one of her biggest musical inspirations, while the lyrics he sings are from the perspective of the ‘Oliver’ sung about in the song. While Mussette sings about how Oliver doesn’t hear her, Oliver responds with acknowledgment. Gal Musette and Rufus Wainwright’s voices complement each other well and lead to an interesting outro that features snapping fingers, violin, and piano.

Musette draws inspiration from artists like Cocteau Twins, Bjork, and Joni Mitchell and their influences can be heard in the dreamy and experimental nature of this song, as well as the lyricism. Overall, this track is a joy to listen to and Gal Musette is an artist to watch!

Written by Yashira C.





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