Corners Pressed /// Letting Up Despite Great Faults

The slow, somber mood of Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ “Corners Pressed” is a ritual of haziness, free falling from the deep end of cherished rustic space synergies. Letting Up Despite Great Faults accomplishes a sound that traverses both the “cool” and shoe gaze. Bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Washed Out have a similar vibe.

We zero in on the daylight that beams into the work and are struck by the fabric, it’s hue and sonic diversity. What I found most striking were the moody nuances being so subtle and yet it’s such a potent effect in the song. Letting Up Despite Great Faults leads us on a journey of unparalleled luminosity, the hip-fancy is a swell of crashing waves and ebbing tides.   

There are the hushed, smoothed vocals that bring a sense of exhilaration as we remember a time in our life when the sedated vocals and crushing guitars meant we were having the time of our life. It’s a soundscape with a nebulous view where the shoe-gaze, indie rock sounds dress the mood. We also start to think of the band Slowdive when we muse over Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ “Corners Pressed” their slow delivery and well timed vocals give the band a similar feel.

They almost crawl through a song while giving us their best moments, we are set in orbit being transfixed by the wall of sound that follows the band around like a ghost seeking a reprieve. From the ends of the earth, we could fathom the sounds of Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ “Corners Pressed” being played as they have a sort of dream-breath quality that says there’s something hidden deep within this (song) so try to find it if you’re so curious. 

Written by Hari Palacio






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