Cucumber/// Sammy Haig

As a trumpet player, songwriter, and producer, and graduate of the Jacobs School of Music in Indiana, Sammy Haig has cultivated his past musical experiences to create a project that identifies his take on the future of Jazz. Cucumber, an original EP, started as a senior recital proposition that turned into a project that exquisitely blends jazz, soul, and funk to create a sound that can appeal to all the Jazz lovers out there!

“Dreaming Of” by Sammy Haig

This EP is an example of the many ways that Jazz can be interpreted and appreciated. Jazz is one of those genres that have the ability to seamlessly blend classical instruments with rich and alluring vocals to ultimately reshape the sound.

Sammy has incorporated fierce drums, vivid horns, and powerful vocals,  to gift us with a dynamic EP entitled Cucumber. This EP has the potential to set the mood for an inviting dinner party or a relaxing evening of drinking wine. The brassy and electrifying horns that are prominent throughout this collection of tracks have the potential to uplift spirits and open minds to the various sounds of modern jazz.

This EP takes you on a journey, with each track appealing to a different emotion. The use of horns and drums is strategically placed in each track to aid the listener in vibrating at a high frequency from then on. The varying tones put emphasis on a certain instrument that highlights the pure talent of the artist. This EP not only sheds a light on the different levels of vocality of the artist but their ability to create harmony alongside the instruments. 

Written by Taylor Payne






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