At Eye Level /// EINSAM

“At Eye Level” by EINSAM is a new Pop Rock single that is catchy, moving and upbeat. The song asks the listener to see things differently, because how we view things is important. 

This Indie Pop track is extremely catchy, with a repetitive keyboard part accompanied by a whole band. The bass follows the keyboard part, and the guitar adds more layers to the track. The drum is upbeat, and is comparable to an electronic dance beat. The lyrics have lots of meaning that transcends the listener upon first listening. It is with repeated listens that the meaning of the track more opens itself up to interpretation, which certainly is interesting. 

While listening to this track, it keeps you guessing for what is going to happen next, and it does this by alternating from instrumental sections to vocal focused sections in the second half of the track. The beginning introduces us to the main melody that the other counter melodies are written on top of. There are all these different viewpoints of the subject on this song, and the narrator keeps bringing us back to see things “At Eye Level.” It is an interesting concept, contemplating self within this song. The song hits the climax with the final repetition of “At Eye Level,” and then silence as the track concludes. 

“At Eye Level” was written by Sam Jackson, who is from Bristol, UK, and who spent time in Vienna working on the project that became EINSAM. There are four songs on their Spotify account currently. 

Written by Skylar Rogers






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