Kaleidoscope /// Soda Cracker Jesus

“Kaleidoscope,” the latest release by indie rock project Soda Cracker Jesus, toes the line between psychedelic and meditative to create a wonderful, immersive experience. It is fairly easy to lose one’s self in this track’s soundscape. Tacoma, Washington’s Regan Lane does a masterful job of delivering a soothing sound that melts away the tension. 

The central theme of “Kaleidoscope” is that everything will be alright. Melodically, Lane backs this up with how reassuring it all sounds. It does not rely on over the top psychedelic elements to become mind altering. However, there is enough of a psyche changing presence to shift the listener’s state of mind. This is thanks to an ever present, dreamy bass and the strategic use of sound effects to create a deep, immersive sound.

Lane expertly uses sound effects to further emphasize his lyrics. These can be as subtle as the high-pitched ring of a bicycle bell or as atmospheric as a rain shower and the subsequent rumble of thunder. All of which help the listener to feel closer to Lane’s vocals than if they were plainly sung. 

Beyond all of the melodic work Lane displays, “Kaleidoscope” reminds the listener that one of the constants in life is change. This comes from Lane’s chorus of “kaleidoscope inside my brain reminds it all will change.” In turn, he reminds himself that “if I need to be okay, I am.” In the end, Lane sets his own path towards healing. 

As Soda Cracker Jesus, Regan Lane has composed a brilliant, meditative sound with “Kaleidoscope.” It is an all-around, immersive track. From start to finish, “Kaleidoscope” remains a calming presence that overtakes the listener’s state of mind.

Written by Travis Boyer





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