Life Might Not Be Real /// Indigo Daydream

There are many theories about what the reality of life is. The idea that has permeated pop culture is that life is a simulation ala The Matrix. However, what if it is not as complex and dystopian. What if this is simply a dream?

Indigo Daydream’s latest single, “Life Might Not Be Real,” questions reality with the aid of a heavy yet muted psychedelic sound. Nick Cheshire’s project provides an ethereal melody that lowers the listener’s guard. By the end, you will wonder: is this real life?

The main trait that sticks out about this track is its weight. As light and airy as this track can sound, there is a heavy element that drags the listener back down to earth. This is a perfect fit with the prevailing theme of questioning reality. The dreaminess that settles in is slightly offset by the push of the guitar. Altogether, it blends together to reinforce the idea of whether or not you are awake or just dreaming.

“Life might not be real. Close your eyes and dream,” is Cheshire’s main refrain that is repeated throughout this track. In a way, it reflects on whether or not this is all there is. The answer comes in clear at the end when Cheshire’s voice echoes “but it’s just a dream” as he fades out into the void left by the retreating melody. 

Altogether, Cheshire provides a light touch of psychedelic wonder with “Life Might Not Be Real.” Interestingly enough, this happens without any of the wild swings that you would expect from a mind altering melody. The subtle smoothness of this flowing melody is enough to send your mind down that proverbial rabbit hole and question reality. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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