Did I Get The Picture? /// Gentlemen’s Crow

Today’s social media driven culture has made “For the ‘Gram” into a way of life. Whether it is documenting the mundane or how awesome your life is, it all applies. That level of vanity is what indie rock band, Gentlemen’s Crow, tackles in their latest single, “Did I Get The Picture?” The St. Augustine, Florida quartet delivers an intense melody while providing commentary on social media culture.

This track opens with a crunchy guitar sound that slowly gives way to an emerging reverb. The pace picks up ever so slightly as lead singer Cameron James’ dreamy vocals enter the scene. From there, this track is an all-out, raucous jam that bluntly dismantles social media with a barrage of lyrical metaphors.

“Head down the rabbit hole!” James howls, a fitting metaphor for how people’s social media experience can feel. The proverbial rabbit hole can be equated to scrolling through one’s news feed. You can keep on scrolling and get lost in its depths. “And here to stay!” is the last half of James’ opening statement, leaving the impression that we are fully adrift in the social media realm.

There are other lyrical examples across this track that sum up social media in a nutshell. The main example comes from the chorus. “Just shoot me out the cannon. Make it special for this evening. Cast me to abandon. So I finally get the picture that you taken on your camera,” James sings. The shooting from a cannon metaphor speaks to the spectacle of social media. All of which leads to the ultimate goal of whether or not someone got the picture.

Beyond the social media commentary, this track ends on a very heavy rock attack towards its conclusion. The guitar riffs are dense and the reverb is even more intense than before. All of which echoes loudly to culminate in a trippy finish.

With their own unique take on social media, Gentlemen’s Crow is clearly not in it for the likes. However, this excellent jam should generate buzz for their debut album, “Apparitions,” which is set for release in January 2022.

Written by Travis Boyer





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