Lay of the Land /// The Show Window

The mangled tones like electric birds or sirens casting their potent trail of wind-up storms. We are at the mercies of The Shop Window’s “Lay of the Land” it’s effulgence, is a child-like cry of hunger. The Shop Window’s sparkling, pyrite facade draws us in, entices us with its shimmer only to dig up a well of profound humaneness.

These seasoned musicians have the capacity to unearth a radiance and seek within the hovels of our innermost beings the unspeakable. They have a sound that may group them with the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain, Siouxie and the Banshees, and Echo & the Bunnymen.

This group has a weight, a gravity that could keep us spellbound in the throes of genre bending acrobatics, a band that sounds as though they were making new wave, alt/ music while the beacon of “Lay of the Land” sets the lights on the factory of earth ablaze.

“Questions remain unasked/ in so many paths and answers,” there’s a sublime note for us to pick up if we choose to hear between the spaces of acetone guitars, instruments paired with the solemn recourse from a singer who piles the lyrics with nuisance.

Those bass-lines are catchy and present while the song is an ode to age and it’s wisdoms, like a parcel of stoic fire unwrapped before your silvery years. When we linger with The Shop Window we become stony churches and the spirit is an audience at the pews. Give “Lay of the Land” a listen 

Written by Hari Palacio





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