“VVS” is the latest whimsical indie-POP track from Mal Sounds, and it deals with the themes of vulnerability and love. Releasing VVS alongside the album “Freaks and Wild Things”, Mal Sounds showcases their prowess. With the whimsical lyrics, gorgeous and hazy production, and outstanding vocal performance, this track is nothing short of amazing! 

“VVS” was written during 2020 when Mal Sounds was trapped in Spain during the covid restrictions. He states “I wrote this song and album for those who are coming of age at a point when the world seems to be falling apart… Our youthful years have been shrouded by the fact that with climate change and rapid development of technology, our future is nearly unimaginable.”, and VVS exhibits that beautifully. The lyrics are whimsical yet have a dark undertone to them. It is beautiful yet tragic and it is a wonderful duality.

The production of this track is also superb and astounding. It is hazy and somewhat cloudy which represents the theme of our future being cloudy very well. The production feels somewhat like a dream, and it complements the whimsical lyrics extremely well. It is playful while also being extremely infectious. It is the perfect foundation for Mal Sounds to exhibit his amazing and infectious vocals. The abundant vocals and beautiful melodies and harmonies that Mal Sounds exhibits leaves you wanting more.

“VVS” is a perfect track from Mal Sounds. The vocals are astounding, the production is outstanding, and the lyrics are playful and alluring. With the accompaniment of the album “Freaks and Wild Things” that was released simultaneously, Mal Sounds exhibits his talents for storytelling, lyricism, and production. 

Written by Marcus Smith

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