Everything I’ve Known /// Avaraj

American based artist, Avaraj, has released her latest track, “Everything I’ve Known”, which is an electronic-pop track. With the beautiful yet tragic lyrics, astounding melodies and vocal performance, and an outstanding production, this song will have you reflecting on any time you have questioned your love for someone. 

“You should be all I want but something feels off and I think it’s all my fault that I moved on too soon” are the lyrics that start off this song and they truly set the mood for the entire track. The lyrics detail the feelings and emotions that Avaraj felt after getting into a new relationship quickly after a recent breakup and essentially comparing the current relationship to the past one. The lyrics are very beautiful but sad as you can feel the hurt that Avaraj is feeling and how she badly wants to make the new relationship work. It is astounding. 

The melodies and production are very infectious as well. There are a lot of pop, hip hop, and r&b elements to this track and they all coexist amazingly. The production gives this wonderful liberating sense to the song, and it makes you feel that even though you are questioning the new relationship, you need to embrace it and let go of the past. It is free-ing. The production also assists the incredibly mesmerizing vocal performance. Avaraj is confident and masterful, and that is most exemplified in her vocals. All the feelings that are projected through the vocals can be felt by the listener extremely well. 

“Everything I’ve Known” is a superb release from Avaraj, and it is beautiful as much as it is liberating. The lyrics, production, and vocal performance are all outstanding, and at the center of it all is Avaraj, who exhibits her prowess over this track.

Written by Marcus Smith

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