The Sweden based artist, Heeds, has released their latest track, “Your Name”, which is a beautiful alternative-pop anthem. With prominent lyrics, infectious vocals, and an excellent production, this song is perfect to scream your heart out to.

“Don’t know where to begin. Got under my skin. Hadn’t felt that ever. Hadn’t felt that since” are the first lyrics in the track and they set the mood for the entire song. This track feels like a beautiful yet tragic story. It breaks away from the normal pop song structure and does not have a chorus so the song, lyrics, and storytelling feel more like a narrative structure. It feels as though you are listening to an audiobook that is accompanied by powerful vocals and amazing production. It is a beautifully tragic song about heartbreak.

The vocals and production are very infectious as well. The vocals are powerful and the main foundation of this track. You can feel the hurt that Heeds has experienced through her voice and it makes the listener relive the heartbreak that they went through as well. It is immaculate. The production is nothing short of extraordinary as well. The production of this song is separated into two parts. The first half of this track resembles more of a piano ballad with some moody synths while the second half of this track resembles a cathartic pop-punk/rock anthem. 

“Your Name” is an excellent alternative-pop song that is absolutely cleansing for the soul. Being solely written, recorded, produced, and performed by Heeds herself, you can see her mastery over this track and over music itself. This is the first track from her upcoming EP, and if this is a taste of what the EP will be like, everyone should be very thrilled to listen. 

Written by Marcus Smith





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