Get Funky /// Jordan Bakewell

United Kingdom-based artist, Jordan Bakewell, has released his latest track, “Get Funky”, which is an enthralling, funky pop jam. With the groovy production, amazing vocals, and fun lyrics, Jordan Bakewell delivered a retro and groovy anthem. 

Within the first few seconds, the song immediately grabs your attention. The song immediately starts with the retro drums and syncopated breaths that are bodacious and alluring. As the song progresses, you just cannot help but feel the need to get up and dance. 

The lyrics on this track are extremely playful and make you want to dance and sing along.  “So loosen up so we can get funky” are lyrics that resound throughout the track. It is powerful, confident, and assertive. The lyrics are then backed by Bakewell’s powerhouse vocal performance. His vocals are commanding and dominating, and he weaves through the retro production and harmonies effortlessly. It is astounding.

The infectious lyrics and the commanding vocals are then backed by the retro funky production that makes you want to dance like nobody’s watching. The synth, drums, and guitar are all nostalgic and have that classic 70s disco sound. It is bouncy and you can not help but tap your foot along. It is a perfect playground for Bakwell to masterfully exhibit his presence. 

“Get Funky” is an impeccable release from Jordan Bakewell. Bakewell exhibits his prowess over this track, and with the production creating a beautiful soundscape, his performance on this song is nothing less than extraordinary. The infectious lyrics, powerful vocals, and funky production all make this track outstanding. 

Written by Marcus Smith

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