Every Excuse /// Jesabel

The United States based artist, Jesabel, has released her latest track, “Every Excuse”, which is an upbeat folk pop track. With prominent lyrics, infectious melodies, and a grand vocal performance, this song is perfect for reminiscing about the times you have been hurt by someone special whether it is a friendship or relationship. 

“I’m over here thinking you got every excuse” are the first lyrics in the track and they set the mood for the entire song. The lyrics sound like it would be a breakup song but Jesabel states, “It plays like a breakup song but the inspo was a friendship dissolving” which is incredibly relatable. Everyone at one point or another has dealt with falling out with a close friend and this song perfectly encapsulates that.

The melodies and production are very infectious as well. Jesabel would describe this song as if “the tropics had a baby with an old school country western movie” and that is the perfect description. Melodically it feels like a pop song but the guitar and clasps give it this folk/country feel to it as well. IIt is amazing. The vocals and melodies are very hypnotic and will make the listener feel all the emotions Jesabel projects. Her vocal prowess is exhibited so clearly on this track. 

“Every Excuse” is an excellent folk and country pop song that would be perfect to listen to while reminiscing about the times you have been hurt by a friend or even if you just want to dance. With the prominent lyrics mixed with the enthralling melodies, production and vocal performance, Jesabel showcases her talents exceptionally well. 

Written by Marcus Smith

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