Let Me Know /// Sage Harris (feat. Jagged Edge)

Toronto based artist, Sage Harris, has released his latest track, “Let Me Know” which is an enthralling R&B track that features legendary R&B group Jagged Edge. With the amazing production, beautiful vocals, and excellent lyrics, this track is a perfect collaboration between Sage Harris and Jagged Edge. 

“Let Me Know” is a spinoff of Jagged Edge’s 2001 hit with Nelly titled “Where the Party At”. On working with the legendary group, Jagged Edge, Sage Harris states, “A dream come true is an understatement to how honored I feel to have a legendary R&B group whom I’ve admired for my whole life share a song with me”.

This song is seductive, evocative, and a faultless example on how to reprise an old song. The first lyrics heard are “Brown hair and your washed up jeans, looking like you’re trying me” and it sets the tone for the whole song. The vocal performance from Sage Harris and Jagged Edge complement the lyrics extremely well. Their voices have a deep, sultry essence to them and it adds to the song incredibly well. 

In addition to the lyrics and vocals, the production on this track is excellent too. It is a reprise of the original track and it feels more slowed-down and personal. It has influences from both R&B and trap, and it is excellent. It complements their vocals very well, and allows for an abundance of showstopping harmonies and powerhouse moments. 

“Let Me Know” is an excellent R&B song that is a perfect remix of the 2001 hit “Where the Party At”. With the seductive lyrics mixed with the captivating melodies, production and vocal performance, Sage Harris and Jagged Edge showcase their talents exceptionally well. 

Written by Marcus Smith

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