High Anxiety /// Pflames

On this track he raps about struggles in life including alcoholism, loss, depression and anxiety. He finds hope in the Lord to keep living through the tough times mentally and emotionally. The beat sounds southern Hip-Hop influenced, with the catchy drum pattern establishing that style. Pflames is a rapper from Omaha, Nebraska who takes their lyricism and songwriting seriously, which is evident from this song. 

In the music video, he is seen visiting a cemetery as he talks about losing his mother, and is carrying a Crown Royal bottle. Later on, a Captain Morgan bottle is smashed. Mental health is the focus of this song, and how it can be a struggle to deal with changes or problems in life. He does inspire hope that things will be alright at the end of the day, which is a good message for a good song. It stands out from other new rap songs because of how honest the message is. There is no manufactured ego to his character, he is just a human person like everyone else listening out there. He presents himself with humility and that is what makes the song relatable. 

The main melody features a keyboard organ sound, and an acoustic guitar. This instrumentation also makes the track sound in the southern Hip-Hop style. The song comes in at three minutes and six seconds, so it is a fairly quick listen, and well worth it. The listener can connect to the artist in a way that is sometimes hard in modern music, but in this case is the highlighting aspect of the song.

Written by Skylar Rogers

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