Kerosene /// Callipolis

Timothee Botbol, the mastermind behind indie rock project Callipolis, is a mad scientist on his debut single, “Kerosene.” Toiling away behind multiple instruments, he combines them all for a wild melody that evolves into an all-out thundering presence. Altogether, Botbol pushes all of the right buttons in his first experiment.

At first, this track warms up with rounds of deep, resounding guitar riffs that are balanced out by a sprinkling of synth effects for balance. This is only an appetizer of what to expect on “Kerosene.” Botbol tinkers with the melody before unveiling a cavalcade of sound. During each chorus, Botbol lets loose with yo-yoing guitar and emphatic drums that pair nicely with Botbol’s seething vocals.

At its core, “Kerosene” thrives on being inventive. The variety of melodic elements make for an astounding sound. At any given time, the listener is treated to various combinations involving synth, bass, guitar, strings and drums. “Kerosene” succeeds at avoiding complacency by throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at the melody with all of the competing melodic sources.

Botbol’s deep, enchanting vocals stand out from the innovative melodies. At times, there is a matter of fact quality that draws the listener with how understated he sounds. However, Botbol mirrors the volatility of the track’s very title in each rendition of the chorus. All of a sudden, the energetic, melodic burst jolts his vocals to life with megawatt power.

With this sterling debut, Botol hits the ground running with “Kerosene.” As Callipolis, he shows off his range as a multi-instrumentalist and crafts a deep, complex melody in the process.

Written by Travis Boyer





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