A Whole New Life /// Blueprint Tokyo

Blueprint Tokyo’s “A Whole New Life” is a visceral daze of paralyzing guitars and a beautiful edge. You become swept away by the pillowy mounds of force which carry each song in the original EP “A Whole New Life” into unspoken territory.

“I don’t know if I could walk through fire but I know I must be free,” there is freedom, almost an absolution from a lingering pain that betrays us. The solemn words are a vertigo like fallen cherub’s tears- “Take me away, take me any place/ take me away” with a recurring angst, the desire to be any place else, somewhere different from here where the cold sweat of perhaps isolation doesn’t seem so fresh or the hammering of the mind doesn’t knock so loud.  

Blueprint Tokyo retrieves the sentiments of being displaced in a room that is not like the place they would like to be, there’s a cry and a chorus- “I was born today/ in the wilds of this town we are safe,” we experience a resurrection or rebirth as we listen further.

The slow moving, mystical rainfall of Blueprint Tokyo, the new wave/ indie rock music swelling our bones and moving our bodies, we anticipate the rise and fall and rebirth of all those days passing like film moving by us like a stormy night. Blueprint Tokyo sounds like a wake for the Cure, the Smiths and or Sousxie and the Banshees.   

We are taken head over heels to the ends of the blue world and listen “with these hands I hold my fears/ the fears I know I can not hide,” these are the lost stories of Blueprint Tokyo where the waters slowly rising but there’s a kindling of hope. “No one is going to save you in life you to have to reach deep inside yourself and become anew,” this comes from the closing track “Infused” there’s a firestorm of light at the end of the tunnel of darkness in this EP we are surrounded by the majesty that brutalizes us and keeps us warm in a hovel where the spirit of lucent thought lays its head. This gem of an EP by Blueprint Tokyo is definitely worth a listen. 

Written by Hari Palacio





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