Always On My Mind /// Joseph Hunter Duncan

There always has to be a fire burning through a rainstorm! Joseph Hunter Duncan’s “Always On My Mind” was released sometime last month. Let’s not let anything stop us as we hear what this song has to offer.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Joseph is not just your typical artist. According to, Joseph shared how he was “working through massive lifestyle changes, reflecting on behaviors, relationships, and my overall perspective on the things that were and are important to me” as he recorded EP III. While EP III has helped him work through all things change, EP III has been able to capture “the essence of heartbreak, and the realization that ultimately, it’s okay to care about yourself” (

“Always On My Mind” falls under the respected genre of alternative rock. On the other hand, Joseph was able to influence the genres of indie rock, rock, indie, and alt pop-rock. 

This is, in many ways, an awesome track. The melody is strong and tuneful. Joseph is able to provide us with an appealing vocal tone and is able to put real feelings into the lyrics as they were being sung. The lyrics are clever and meaningful with some deep phrases. Instrumentally, the song has been able to share a rich and powerful accompaniment that was able to complement the vocal track just right. The sound it was able to provide was also original and exciting as well. The performance quality throughout is able to skyrocket through the roof, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, this song is strong and distinctive, and I think that it has strong potential to go places.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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