Illuminate /// MOLTENO

We’re reminded of electronic duo U.N.K.L.E and the vocals MOLTENO lays upon us are a catchy, olive light of sound, hitting us like foxfire with boxing gloves, hard and luminous.

“Illuminate” is a spiraling cascade of palpations, panging from the chest, rising into the nook of shoulders, an angel baring bright enameled teeth and bare skin. “I was struck without a sound/ illuminate don’t take me down,” the hopeful, contagious lyrics fill the room, fill the house, they are a well spring of movement laying about in the sparse inklings of the mind, the rare lucent specks floating in the eyes.

Sometimes we miss the stranger hailing us down trying to get our attention, “Illuminate” is a rush of exuberance reuniting us with an estranged lover. With a voice like a cherubic siren, MOLTENO does the unthinkable, “I learned how not to play it safe/ I’m struck by lightning in the dark.”   

There’s magic here. It’s in the clandestine beats firing like synapses triggering a revolution of so much anthemic beauty. We are left with our eyes peering at the delicate maelstrom like a thousand heads and bodies dancing in the madness. MOLTENO’s “Illuminate” is a song you have to put on repeat, without qualms. There in the hollows, voices echo like so many angels.

We go into merciless fits of poverty and joy, of bliss and sacrifice, what we become is a part of a stranger world with dilated pupils and a giddiness that grows like a tiny parakeet circling its wired cage preparing its escape. We listen ravenously and hold our breaths. MOLTENO has gotten this right, “Illuminate” speaks to the people with its timely lyrics, a sound that makes us reconsider life’s most perilous moments and makes us wonder beyond those boundaries.  

Written by Hari Palacio





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