Love Ain’t Enough (Sometimes) /// Jem Doulton

The dreamy, washed out sound of Jem Doulton’s “Love Ain’t Enough (Sometimes)” is a buzzing of guitars, organs, and voices that reverberate in the translation of dissonance. We sit back and listen: as the sort of off beat sense hits at all the right hemispheres of the brain.

We are captivated by the cool, nonchalance of the delivery, like madness unfolding before us- Yet there is a measure and timeliness to “Love Ain’t Enough (Sometimes)” its a well placed dart thrown in the blindness of many perilous decades of visionary days.  

Jem Doulton accomplishes a feat of unwavering newness, a fresh creation with a distinctiveness- Its a washed out, shoe-gaze spectacle, “Love Ain’t Enough (Sometimes)” stands out with vocals by Flowers’ Rachel Kenedy that creep on like beautiful onlookers- Those droning guitars and bass by Sam Ayres (Flowers) and Rachel Kenedy (Flowers) respectively, also that eerie organ are fuselage to their unique sound- like the airs of some distant breath: perhaps the slow measured pulse are the gods in motion, we are wrestling with the fits of the spacey noise-rock that persists like a long night of warbling, night creatures passing through the early mornings.

This is space-rock at its finest, the hypnotic nuisances of Jem Doulton’s mystic, twin voices is a sandstorm of music- They exude an astral flavor that makes us think of bands like Beach House and Slowdive.  

The tempest of guitar sounds becomes for us an assailing sweetness that ensues throughout our listening ears and we may rejoice or binge on those grandiose sounds until the well fills like honey. That sticky, delectable taste of Jem Doulton’s “Love Ain’t Enough (Sometimes)” pushes us into the outer rims of desire and we cherish its ephemeral potency like wild cats grazing in grasslands. We look at the bare skin on our bodies and cradle our passing youth- Jem Doulton performs for such visionaries as Thurston Moore, Róisín Murphy, Dead Days Beyond Help, The Oscillation, Melos Kalpa, Fuse Box City and Forebrace. This is a rarity among rare gems give “Love Ain’t Enough (Sometimes)” a listen, you won’t be the same after the first listen.

Written by Hari Palacio




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