De Antiquis Et Novis is a group that composes electronic tracks and helps musicians from Europe and Asia to connect, but outside of that it is hard to find out who exactly is behind “Bruises.”

“Bruises” is a hypnotic electronic tune that flirts with both ambient and lounge as it offers tastes of jazz and electronic in a tranced composition that feels nostalgic and modern. The vocal ad-lib in the background appropriately gives the song its title. There is something dreamy and cold about the female audio clip repeating, “I bruise and I break. I shiver, I shake.”

De Antiquis Et Novis manages to achieve a strong feeling with a ‘less is more’ approach, creating breathing room “Bruises” to excel in its spacious quality. The chords, horn layers, and reverberated vocal ad-libs sit well with the reverberated drums, and while many artists can come off as slightly cheesy for this approach to electronic production, De Antiquis Et Novis creates many memorable moments by offering different timbres of smooth sounding soundwaves. Really, every sound choice is fitting to the soundscape created. The vintage synth strings normally would seem dated in today’s electronic music, but on “Bruises” it’s hard to imagine the song without them.

The sweet spot of “Bruises” is the combination vintage and modern synthesizers repetitively being played, but then interesting sections of little horn riffs and R&B voices hauntingly pushed back with the reverb create surprisingly cathartic moments that you may have not expected. 

“Bruises” is an awesome tune for people who miss 80s synth music, but also our fans of the modern elements of mixing R&B, garage, and ambient. We don’t know who is behind this song, but we look forward to hearing more. 

Written by Jon Kagan





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