Static /// The Thing With Feathers

Blurred vision, shaky balance and a general buzz are some of the musical side effects of “Static” by indie rock band, The Thing With Feathers. With their latest single, the Nashville-based band delivers a track that is deep under the influence. Of course, imbibing in alcohol is the intoxicating catalyst on this track. However, “Static” tries to filter through all of the hazy interference to find what’s real and what’s an illusion.

“You called me static, whatever that means,” is how lead singer David Welcsh introduces this track. In turn, interference in the form of whiskey leads to the bewildering state of “a deer in the headlights.” Altogether, Welcsh is in a glassy eyed state of confusion. 

Melodically, “Static” does its best to reinforce feelings of being buzzed or even outright drunk. It feels as if the melody is sauntering around in a haze to mirror the state of the track’s central figure. At the same time, it is hypnotic in how understated it sounds. 

During the chorus, Welcsh pleads with someone that he “can’t help it that you freak me out” and “don’t walk away.” In turn, he tries to find firm standing as he sings “I’ll get my feet on the ground.” There is an air of desperation to hang on to whatever Welcsh believes he has found.

From the intoxicating lyrics to the buzzed melody, The Thing With Feathers serve the listener round after round until they, too, are left in a daze. As a result, “Static” leaves you staggering as you search for solid ground.

Written by Travis Boyer





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