Weekend Blues /// Poison Oak

The passage of time is relative and subject to perspective. For some, it may speed on by before they can fully comprehend where the time has gone. For others, it may linger on and slow to an excruciating crawl. However, in reality, time moves at the same pace.

Australian indie rock band, Poison Oak, explores the passage of time with their latest single, “Weekend Blues.” Given the frenetic pacing of the drums on this track, time flies by at an incredible speed. “Weekend Blues” combines raucous, garage rock percussion with sweet, indie rock guitar melodies that move the track along exceptionally fast without becoming a blur.

Drummer Chris Reiter maintains the heartbeat of “Weekend Blues.” The unruliness of his drums give off a hint of the reckless abandon of a garage rock band thrashing away. However, it does not lose all control and leaves room for the steadying influence of the dreamy guitar melodies to take hold. 

Lead singer James Balthes’ willowy vocals lament about time slipping away. The chorus proclaims that “the weekend always comes on by. Knocks on my door and passes by, to me.” The weekend is here and gone in what feels like an instant. An air of melancholy sets in with each refrain of “I got the weekend blues” and “I got the weekend blues from you!”

“Weekend Blues” moves fast enough without becoming a dizzying nuisance. Even through the most unruly moments, Poison Oak has an outstanding ability to balance the frenzy of drums with orderly guitar melodies.

Written by Travis Boyer





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