American based artist, Keliza, has released her latest track, “F Lovin U”, which is an electronic pop anthem detailing what it is like to get out of an extremely toxic relationship. With impactful lyrics, infectious melodies, and excellent production, this song is perfect to scream your heart out to.

“F Lovin U comes from a place of anger. I was in a very toxic relationship for many years, waiting around for the love I thought I deserved” explained Kelliza, and this song exemplifies that perfectly. With lyrics like, “Im F’ed up trying to get away from loving you. I’m F’ed up with the dumb stuff you put me through”, you can heart the hurt that this relationship caused and the need to get away from the person. The lyrics also have a liberating sense to them as all the listener can picture escaping from this toxic relationship. It is extremely powerful. 

The melodies and production are very infectious as well. The production isa nice mix of electronic and alternative pop. It is compelling and complements the lyrics well. It also allows the listener to feel as free as Keliza. In addition to that, the production assists Keliza’s incredibly mesmerizing vocals. The vocals and melodies are very hypnotic and dynamic and will make the listener feel all the emotions Keliza projects. It exhibits the trauma Keliza went through because of this toxic relationship, and it showcases her mastery over the track.

Up and coming artist, Keliza, created a powerful electronic pop track that summarizes the feelings one can feel when trying to get out of a toxic relationship. The production is powerful. The vocals are mesmerizing. The songwriting is excellent. This debut track could make anyone sing along and scream their hearts out.

Written by Marcus Smith

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