Closing the Window /// Rhona Macfarlane

Those low and hallowed pearls of Rhona Macfarlane strung together so solemnly, fit around the nape of our anguish like still waters smugly stirred into an ominous emotional wreck. We wait for the wiry hands of the past to exhaust its lament upon us, as though a new body in an anticipatory listen, we may shutter at the grace of “Closing the Window EP” and speculate on the light and darknesses of our life.

Rhona Macfarlane has all the presence of a far flung star, or a strange orbiting moon from a fiery planet, what could be said of the sinew of words teetering through the spell of magic drawn on the hips of bodies. We are secluded to farther places deep in the recess of our rooms and plugged into the journey-like, luminous ancient wavelets of songwriting.

The thought occurs to us of longing and desire, that catastrophic vermilion deity asking of us patience like numinous red-throated hummingbirds darting into oblivion. We are drawn to the sounds of Rhona Macfarlane’s “Closing the Window EP” that dreamy seclusion holding us closely in a swell of rhythmic touch, Rhona Macfarlane’s voice is an avalanche of purpose and weighty rainfall.

We are mesmerized by the singer-songwriter’s power, the cinematic timeliness that is beauty and fate. Sometimes we try to penetrate the world, the minuscule quantum of life, where there lies no observances of qualities or duality, and we can hear it in the music echoing like a ghost walking through walls. Seeing the interminable in a couplet of the ephemeral.  

Rhona Macfarlane’s “Closing the Window EP” is an album that traces the blue veins of skin, it’s spectacle of ambition, pulling heart strings along as if they were the meridian of planets both longitude and latitude. We wander on a course for a domain where the world is still new to us, the breath is still sure and the measure of song spans the galaxy as though strange space travelers on the navel of the universe. Rhona Macfarlane’s “Closing the Window EP” is a visionary jewel.  

Written by Hari Palacio






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