The One For Me /// Francesca Monte

The United Kingdom based artist, Francesca Monte, is back and has released her latest track, “The One For Me”. “The One For Me” is an eclectic electronic pop track that details what its like to emotionally depend on someone. With the prominent and raw lyrics, infectious melodies, and an excellent production, this song is perfect to listen to when trying to get over a toxic love.

“You are not the one for me but I wanted you to be” are the first lyrics in the track and they set the mood for the entire song. The lyrics tell the story of what it is like to go through a toxic relationship and depend on someone that is not right for you. Monte states, “Toxic love is not love although it generates dependence and it hurts” and this song represents that perfectly. You can feel Monte trying to liberate herself from this toxic relationship, and it is beautiful yet tragic. 

The vocals and production are very infectious as well. The production is mostly backed by powerful drums as well as a beautifully played piano. It gives this wonderful capricious vibe to the song, and it allows the listener to feel all the emotions Francesca Monte exhibits. The production also assists her mesmerizing vocals. The vocals and melodies are very hypnotic and powerful, and perfectly exhibits Monte’s mastery over the track. 

“The One For Me” is an excellent electronic pop song that would be perfect to listen to while trying to get over a toxic love. With the prominent lyrics mixed with the enthralling vocals and production, Francesca Monte showcases her talents exceptionally well. 

Written by Marcus Smith

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