You’ve Got Me (In Agony) /// Caleb Caming & The Heat

Hailing from New York City, alt-rock band Caleb Caming and The Heat have arrived with a rough and tumble single. “You’ve Got Me (In Agony)” is the lead cut from the band’s debut EP, “Trashy.” Apropos of its title, this tune tangles the listener up in painful, internal knots. Spurred on by lead singer Caleb Caming’s wrenching vocals and garage rock vibes, this track is a supersonic gut punch.

Caming’s simmering anguish is the first clue of the elevated emotional entanglement on this track. A tiptoeing guitar and drums set the scene for the looming turmoil to come. There is no mistaking the depth of Caming’s pain as he opens with “under my skin, you touched every nerve.” It’s that visceral feeling that leads him to conclude that he “couldn’t get much worse.”

During each chorus, a garage rock style barrage blasts its way on through. If your nerves aren’t frayed after these explosive renditions, check your pulse. Piercing wails of “you’ve got me in agony” ring out amongst the gritty guitar riffs.

When Caming is not pouring his guts out, he is slowly going mad. Try as he might, he can’t shake it off. From “howling at midnight” to “hanging on for dear life,” Caming’s psyche is bruised and tattered. In the end, it all leads to a plea from the chorus: “Will you save me, baby?”

Writhing in pain, “You’ve Got Me (In Agony)” lets it all out with a ferocious noise. Wounded and alone, Caleb Caming and The Heat are vulnerable. Instead of moping, this tune roars to life with each lament. 



Written by Travis Boyer






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