Miss Me? /// Carley Varley

This Indie Pop song “Miss Me?” by Carley Varley features an acoustic guitar and her vocals. As the track builds and goes into the second verse, the drum and layered vocal parts are added. Later, an electric guitar adds more detailed melodies to the track. 

“Do you even miss me? Do you even care?” These lyrics describe a one sided relationship, where she hurt and left wondering what impact the relationship had on her partner, who we can assume isn’t around anymore. Varley wonders if this connection was actually special and genuine, because the other person has moved on without expressing any acknowledgement of the connection they once shared. According to the song description on Youtube, Varley says that the song can be interpreted for friendships as well as romantic relationships. Ever lose a friend over time, because of reasons that seem out of your control? It is a sad reality, but it is hard to maintain and keep friendships healthy and active, just like any relationship. 

Losing a person from your life can be confusing, leaving lots of unanswered questions. Carley Varley does a great job expressing these feelings of loss and introspection of what that person meant to her, even though the connection is not there anymore. The melody is extremely catchy and will have the listener feeling those emotions of loss and confusion. There is always hope that things can go back to the way they were, even how unlikely that reality may be. 

Varley’s new EP is scheduled to be released in April 2022. The music is enjoyable and her songwriting ability is impressive, making “Miss Me?” a stand out track. She is from Bournemouth, United Kingdom, and started writing music at age 14. 

Written by Skylar Rogers

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