Polar Bear For Christmas /// Winterbrook

Winterbrook has an interesting take on what a Christmas song sounds like, which is clear from “Polar Bear For Christmas.” The narrator sings for her Christmas dream, which is a polar bear down the chimney. Playing off the story of Santa Clause, it would be quite a sight to see a polar bear show up instead of the man in the big red suit. 

The genre is Pop Rock, with some elements of Progressive Rock. There are several layers of music to this song, which keeps it moving. There is a keyboard part, guitar, strings and drum. After several repetitions of the chorus, an electronic horn section is introduced, as well as a brief guitar solo. The music to this song is well crafted, and fits the theme of Christmas. There even is a sleigh bell that can be heard throughout the song. 

The vocal harmonies for the chorus are the highlight of the song, as they are the crowning feature of what the song accomplishes. The lighthearted lyrics about Christmas enjoyment as well as the unique request of the polar bear, is enough to separate this song from most Christmas songs. 

This Christmas Pop Rock song is unique in a lot of ways, and Winterbrook has more Christmas music released as well. Their other song, “My Boyfriend is a Snowman” has over 47,000 streams on Spotify. 

The best part about this song is that it can be played around the holiday’s, but also that the music is so enjoyable that it could be played any time of year.

Written by Skylar Rogers

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