We’re A Wildfire /// North Atlantic Explorers

Dwelling after dark, “We’re A Wildfire,” the latest single by Canadian indie rock project, North Atlantic Explorers, is a smoldering, smooth jazz-inspired piece. A lingering, hazy sound sets the stage for the midnight rendezvous that takes place on this tune. This track adds kindling to a fiery affair.

“We’re A Wildfire” is the precursor to the aptly titled, forthcoming album, “Night Owls.” According to the band’s press release, this album captures the “nocturnal nature” of bandleader Glen D’Cruze. “We’re A Wildfire” captures the night dweller motif that D’Cruze strives for. Under the cover of darkness, an affair in a remote location takes place.

Amongst the foggy melody, the bleats of a sauntering trumpet make an appearance. Played by JP Carter of fellow Canadian indie rock band, Destroyer, this horn section adds an accent of smooth jazz to the moonlit mist. Adding in a serene duet, the setting of a slumbering world takes place.

After dark, the main characters of this tune call out to each other. “Meet up with me,” she whispers. He answers back with “let’s hook up just off the highway.” They choose seclusion in the form of a “single motel room in that mountain town” where “no lives there.” Together, they are “wild” and “untamed,” seeking to, metaphorically, “start a raging wildfire” together.

“We’re A Wildfire” places the listener into the inky darkness of a northern night. Setting the stage for the January 7 release of “Night Owls,” a moonlit rendezvous interrupts what is, otherwise, the stillness of nighttime.

Written by Travis Boyer





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