Bigger /// Ally Cribb

16 year-old Canadian artist Ally Cribb’s debut single “Bigger” is an uplifting anthem of self-reassurance in the wake of adversity. Flaunting wisdom beyond her years, Ally delivers a solid track that shows promise for the next generation of songwriters.

“Bigger” is a pop track with a more natural sound, like a mix between Ellie Goulding and Coldplay but not nearly as over-the-top. There was clearly a great attention to detail afforded to both the production and the arrangement of this song which gives a greater power and effectiveness to the storytelling. Dynamics make all the difference here, and Ally stands fearless as she attacks each section flawlessly. 

The similarities to Taylor Swift are uncanny – the optimistic spirit, the melodic choices, the conviction in such a young, soft voice that is unafraid to stand up and shout it’s beliefs. But Ally Cribb is no knock-off; she’s her own woman telling her own story. In “Bigger,” she speaks of those moments where we feel defeated, but our refusal to accept defeat helps us grow and mature into a better version of ourselves. Ally reassures us that we are not defined by these failures, rather by how we face them – “It made me bigger, stronger than I thought/Fearless and wiser, ready to risk it all.” 

As evidenced in “Bigger,” Ally Cribb already understands at her young age how to transform her personal experiences into universal lessons for the rest of us. In 10 years she’ll only be 26 years-old, and that should horrify other songwriters because she is only going to get better from here.

Written by Tim Clark





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